UPVC Lock Repairs Near Me

UPVC door locks are multipoint systems that are commonly used for entry doors or patio doors on commercial and residential properties. Their convenience of securing multiple locking points with just one key slot is attractive, but up-to-date UPVC door locks are important for the safety of your home. When your UPVC lock is broken or misaligned, you’ll need qualified UPVC lock repairs or UPVC lock replacement right away.

UPVC Door Lock Replacement

Since UPVC door locks can be complicated, it’s recommended to call a locksmith instead of trying to remove and replace the lock yourself. If you find the handle is difficult to operate, making a clicking sound, the handle is wobbly, you’ll want to look into UPVC door lock replacement. It’s also possible that WeLocksmith can find a solution with our UPVC door lock repairs. We’ll assess the problem to see if it’s a simple alignment fix or if the internal parts need to be replaced. You’ll have a quote and be able to decide on a solution, whether UPVC door lock repairs or UPVC door lock replacement, and know you’ve got guaranteed quality and friendly service.

UPVC Window Lock Replacement

It’s not just doors that have UPVC locks, windows can also have these multi-point lock systems.
You may need UPVC window lock repairs or UPVC window lock replacement if the gasket is stuck to the frame, has a build-up of dust and grime on the hinges, or the spindle inside your handle is worn and no longer turning the lock. If your window isn’t locking properly, it’s imperative you get it fixed quickly to avoid burglaries. Call WeLocksmith today — we’re experienced in UPVC window lock replacement and offer the best prices in London without any hidden fees.